How GoZone helps new comers to water sports

Realtime Audio Help - based on the wind-clock
Get audio direction right from your wrist using the GoZone smart watch. GoZone reads the wind direction and instantly helps you choose the maneuver you need to make. No more “no-goes” - just listen to the audio directions, and change your positioning on the sea.
Live Vocal Instructions
GoZone’s smartwatch will give you vocal instructions for the route you’re on, but your Coach can also give you guidance that you’ll hear clearly from the GoZone smartwatch, and watch your track on the online platform in realtime.
Feel Safe in the Water
On the water, safety comes first! That’s why we designed the GoZone app with a panic-button function. At the first sign of trouble, your GoZone smartwatch will send automatic distress calls to the Coast Guard, a friend, your instructor or water partner, notifying them of your coordinates.